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Hello! My name Morena and I just came from Ukraine. I want try to work in Moscow and embode all ny plans in reality. I wanted to be a teacher and I attend the college in Kiev Ukraine. The situation in Kiev is very unstable and I suppose to go to Moscow to find a better life. So I' m here and I look for a nice gentlemen. I will offer for you my escort service but as though I look for a serious relationship. Contact my escort agency and I will come to see you. I hope we will get along and who knows where our desires will bring us. Sincerely Morena

My sex story

I came to know of this problem because I encountered a Chinese man in late thirties who was really upset of not having a wife. He wanted to celebrate his wedding night; but due to the high standard of Chinese woman was not able to find it. Then, someone told him about Russian escorts and there; an idea popped up in his mind of celebrating wedding night with a girlfriend.
While booking, he specially requested me to dress up as a bride. It was a dream came true for me; as I always wanted to dress up as a bride.  I wore a provocative wedding down showing plenty of skin. The guy was so desperate that he jumped in bed straight as he shut the door. He took off his clothes and was soon in his jockeys. I laughed, looking at his excitement. He came close to me and started kissing me passionately on my lips. His hands touched my naked shoulders and touched my ass. Soon, he unzipped my dress from back. I was almost naked in his strong arms. He came on top of me while kissing and took off my bra within a second. For 10 minutes; he just fondled my breasts for a kissed them ferociously. He kept on kissing till my breasts were swollen with his soft kisses. His lips moved all over my body and finally rested on my pussy.
He started eating out my pussy. I jumped with excitement when he did this.  I also felt my vagina getting lubricated automatically. Then, he lifted my legs on his shoulders and inserted his cock deep inside my vagina. The way he rotated his cock really blow up my mind. I started sweating and scratch his back in excitement. Looking at this positive sign, he kept on inserting his cock feverishly inside my vagina. Soon, he ejaculated a huge sperm of dose inside my body and went to a deep sleep beside me.
Honestly speaking, it was my best sexual experience till date and I really enjoyed every moment of it. He kissed my hands before leaving and had tears in his eyes before leaving my apartment.  I was glad that I remove the frustration of single man and first time in my life felt great as an escort.  Before that, I was embarrassed to say that I was a call girl. Now, I am proud of this fact and really in love with this profession.

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